Frequently Asked Questions

What is your maximum capacity? For overnight accommodation – 30 people. For Coyote Lodge deck – 70. For Coyote Lodge kitchen/dining room – 40.

Can able bodied families rent the lodge? Yes, any individual, family, or group is welcome.

How much personal assistance is available for people with severe disabilities? As volunteers, we cannot provide specialized assistance. Please bring needed equipment, supplies, and personal care support.

Do you supply bedding and meals? We operate hostel style, so bring your sheets/sleeping bag, toiletries, and food.

Can I bring my dog, cat, or other pet? Yes, pets are family members; but, please leash your pet because there are porcupines, skunks, eagles, and coyotes that could harm your pet.

Can I use my quad on your trails? No motorized transportation is permitted on our trails.

Can I smoke, vape, use cannabis and street drugs? No, we promote health. We are very conscious of the danger of forest fires so no burning material is permitted on the property. Should you need such activity, you may decide to walk to end of our laneway.

Is your drinking water safe? Our water is drawn from deep wells and has been tested by the county health labs.

What is the quality of the roads? All main highways and secondary highways are paved. Those close to the lodge are well maintained all year by the County of Leduc. Only the last 100 m of side road and laneway to the lodge are gravel.

Do you have bears? Yes, but they have only been glimpsed by neighbours and road maintenance staff because they are so secretive. Also, they hibernate all winter.

Do you have wild boars? They have been recorded in Alberta but we have not seen them at the lodge. We have met bores, but these are very rare events!

How cold did it get last winter? Here we are bragging. We had one night in February that was minus 40C. We usually think it is cold at minus 20C. That is when the winter is really beautiful under a sunny sky or under a full moon and starry skies at night.

How much snow did you get last winter? Snow depth varies year to year from 25 cm to 100cm. Last winter we had 70 cm by March.

Who are your neighbours? Most are ranchers and many work at off-farm jobs. All of our neighbours love the rural life.

Are elk, deer, and moose dangerous? Normally no, but in the spring mothers can be very protective of their young.

Do you get tornadoes and hail storms? Yes, there are summer storms. Seek shelter in violent weather. Wind can break off dead trees, so be aware of falling trees when on trails.

Why do you not permit hunting? Our guests very much appreciate seeing wildlife and are conservation minded. Safety of our guests is critical.

What is the best time of year to visit? We are open to guests for 365 days and every day will bring new experiences. Many of us prefer the winter months when guests can enjoy total comfort in a wilderness setting.

Is accommodation free? No, we must pay the bills for gas, electricity, and maintenance, to operate the lodge. We are indebted to many individuals and families who donated generously to build the property without government support.

Can I buy fresh vegetables and fruit from your gardens? Yes, this supports the lodge programs.

Why do you not have a zip-line or a swimming pool? We emphasize nature experiences. As a charity, we do not have resources to invest in expensive infrastructure. Other places have these facilities.

Why can I not pick flowers and dig up plants for my home garden? We are conservation oriented and especially seek to protect rare species which are attractive to collectors.

How many bird species are on your property? According to an Edmonton and Region check-list, there are about 270 summer residents and over 100 winter residents. On our property with less diversity of landscapes there are fewer. Please visit us and keep records of sightings.

Other questions are welcome!